Dedicated to the practice and education of historic crafts, restoration, and modern conservation techniques.

Preserving both the objects and the skills that made them

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Why Crafts Matter

I believe that learning how objects are crafted creates a greater connection with the material world that surrounds us. It changes our perspectives on what things are made of and how they are made, and in turn makes us better consumers and custodians for the world around us.

Objects that are made carry with them an embodied energy from the process of their production and the transport of goods. They also carry with them a human history. For both of these reasons it is important to appropriately look after what we have.



Thoughts and research about my work and the field in general

Blending in some new timber pieces on th


Teaching is how these crafts remain alive and useful to everyone

Original escutcheon on the left. Loss re


The kind of work I do and what motivates me to do it.


I host a podcast with my good friend Harry T. Morris called "This Crafted World". Check it out here

We discuss everything we find important about work, education, and the craft in general.



Sydney, Australia

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