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In many historic European trades it was common practice that once you completed your apprenticeship you would become a journeyman, travelling and working with different masters in your field to gain and share knowledge and skill.

The practice is still done my some artisans in central europe. I first came across the idea in Japan, when a German journeyman stopped by and asked Takami Kawai if he had any work available.

The value of an education as a craftsperson through working in a variety of workshops with a range of masters is unequaled in my view. Every person I have worked with as a furniture repairer/conservator has had a different approach, a different tool set, and different expertise. 

This is why I have decided that the next step of my own personal development is to engage as a Journeyman myself. 

Unfortunately, the conservation/restoration field doesn't have an established journeyman practice or program. So, I am organising the journey myself, coordinating with workshops around the world to take me in for a month or two each. 

It is my goal to learn from these workshops, to share my experiences with them and others, and to document the entire process with the goal of showing the value of this kind of learning experience with the rest of the profession.

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I am not restricting myself to any particular area. I am looking to create an itinerary that takes me around as much of the world as possible. I have particular focuses, such at Japan, Europe, the Middle East, and North America, but am keeping everywhere open, as long as I can legally travel there and afford to do so.


Know of a workshop you think I should check out or learn from.

Let me know! 

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