See some of our projects below. Our focus at the moment is on the Crafts and Conservation of furniture and decorative surfaces

What we do

Historic Craft:

Worsfold Transporter

In 2018, while working with The Bower, Shane helped recreate a WWI human and goods transport device (an early stretcher) for the TV show 'Aussie Inventions that Changed the World'.


The construction involved craft techniques first developed by Inuit peoples and used in the making of sleds for antarctic expeditions. 

Reclaimed Furniture Craft

As part of an ongoing effort to show the value of craft in combination available resources, we have been involved for years in the creation and design of handcrafted objects from reclaimed and salvaged materials

A great deal of valuable old growth timber comes out of demolitions and should be valued.



Conservation and Restoration

We proudly do conservation and restoration of furniture and related objects, aiming for a sympathetic and informed approach to all decisions and actions taken on an object.

These processes can be lengthy, as we aim to provide the best service possible and only take on one or two projects at a time. As a result, you get full documentation of the process and informed consultation.


Urushi Lacquer Conservation

Urushi lacquer can be a challenging and fragile material to handle without proper understanding. Asian lacquer objects are beautiful, but can become very delicate or damaged with age and non ideal storage and handling.


We offer careful and respectful services conserving and repairing lacquer objects.  

Gilding, Boulle, and Other Decoration

Decoration of furniture and related objects can be beautiful and delicate. It is important to keep the craftsmanship and materiality of the original decoration, and to handle repairs in a thoughtful and considered manner. 

Trained and practised in a variety of techniques and materials, we are prepared to consult and work on objects with a range of decorative 


Furniture Finishing

Experienced in a range of finishing techniques, we are proud to offer services in furniture finishing, finish repair, and refinishing where necessary.


It is our practice not to refinish unless absolutely necessary, but we are capable of helping you find and understand the finish you need. 

Other Repairs and Services

Need something not mentioned above?

We are always willing to give our input on any project in need, but we believe it is important not to take on work that we are not confident to do. That said, you can always reach out to us for guidance.

There are also many skills and practices we enjoy taking on, so it never hurts to ask.


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