Beer Glaze?

While trying to purchase earth pigments online for making stains and milk paints, I came across a recipe for making a wood finish out of beer. That’s right! Instead of consuming your favourite liquid you can rub it on your furniture!

Truthfully, I’m not sure there’s any real advantage to beer glaze. It is easy to make however. From what I’ve quickly seen online, all you need to do is add pigment to beer and your done. The sugar, hops, and malt of the beer act as the bonding agent that hardens the product into the timber.

A few qualities of the glaze that intrigue me are that it is supposedly very light (in colour) compared to other bases, and it is not permanent. If it hasn’t gone on evenly, you just apply water and it reactivates. You will need to cover it with an oil or shellac to seal it in when you are happy with the look. There are a few creative experiments I want to try with this finish, but I need to wait for my pigments to arrive. I also need to not drink the beer prior to mixing pigment into it.

I wonder if one of the local breweries ever have to ditch bad batches…

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