Personal Statement

For over 4 years I worked with an environmental charity establishing a woodworking program to tackle furniture and demolition waste in the greater Sydney region*. The program provides basic repair services and community level education opportunities in general woodworking, furniture making, and repair principles.

I can’t think of anywhere else one could work that so clearly shows the quantity of our heritage and history that is sent to landfill on a regular basis, and while I struggled with limited resources and available time, I aimed to do my best to preserve that history.

Now, however, I think it is past due for me to pursue more informed guidance and experience. My hope over the coming years is to acquire as much knowledge and skill in the crafts as I possibly can, and I want to share that passion.

I am in England now to studying the conservation of furniture and related objects, but at the same time I want to test some of my principles. I want to make things, and try crafts, and do so like anyone would at home.

I think furniture craft can be like any home craft, like knitting or cooking or gardening. I think that while the high end of the craft is a master level, the vernacular level should and could be embraced more.

I also think that while we are starting to discuss not buying a lot of disposable things, we don’t talk enough about taking care of what already exists.

Find my portfolio here

*The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre. Look em up!


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