Undervisningen i Møbeltegning ved Kunstakademiet

Kaare Klint founded a furniture design school in the 1930s in Denmark. He was supposedly an inspiration to what would become known as Danish Modernist Furniture. From my understanding, he would have preferred the term Functionalist. You can find some of his designs online, and you can find some simple biographies, but I can’t find anything he’s written himself.

I only even know of one article he wrote called Undervisningen i Møbeltegning ved Kunstakademiet. A rough translation my brother did for me is The Teaching of Furniture Drawing at the Academy. It was published 1930. I’m trying to get a copy of this article so I can get it translated, though I know it must exist already.

For all I know the article is simply an interview piece about his experiences teaching at the school. But I’m keen to get my hands on it. Klint I have read, viewed furniture design as “a scientific method for maximizing function”.* This intrigues me.

*Per H. Hansen, “Networks, Narratives, and New Markets: The Rise and Decline of Danish Modern Furniture, The Harvard Business Review, Vol. 80, No. 3 (Autumn, 2006)

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